Danny Elfman film scores

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Danny Elfman film scores

Postby camille319 » Fri Jun 30, 2006 2:30 pm

Would fullasoul.com have success hunting down a few hard to find film scores from Mr. Elfman?
One in particular is the Family Man score (full version).. is this one even out there at all?
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Postby Fullasoul » Fri Jun 30, 2006 4:41 pm

Thanks for stopping by and making a request, camille!

Unfortunately the answer to your question is...well...."unfortunate". The Family Man soundtrack, as commercially issued by Sire/London, contains only 2 tracks of the Elfman score. The other 12 tracks on the CD are more representative of the "songtrack" style of soundtrack we've grown used to....12 songs that were used in the film, most of which were not originally created for the film to begin with (although Seal's "This Could Be Heaven" is defiantely an original worthy of mention).

The small flicker of hope for you is the insanely rare promo disc that was issued to members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in an attempt to get Elfman's score nominated for an Oscar. The good news is that this promo contained a complete 41-minute score ("This Could Be Heaven" was also included on the disc). The bad news is that there is believed to be less than 500 in existance, and if you were to be fortunate enough to find someone willing to part with it, it would go for at least (and I stress the "at least" portion of that statement) $200-$250. I know Elfman fanatics that would drop that for this disc without flinching, but simply can't find one available :(

Now, of course, as is the case with all rare/promo items such as this, one got into the hands of someone who took it upon themselves to offer illegal copies of the disc. I couldn't begin to tell you where to look for such a disc (a quick scan of eBay yielded nothing....although I'm sure they were available there at one time and have probably just tapered off due to sellers being busted for it), but I can tell you that the track listing for such an item would look something like this:

01. Intro/Logos (0'50")
02. Prelude (2'08")
03. Main Titles (1'19")
04. It's Showtime (1'20")
05. Sweet Dreams (1'18")
06. Anywhere...But Here (1'29")
07. Flashbacks (0'44")
08. The Homecoming (0'59")
09. Revelation (1'07")
10. The Garden (0'53")
11. Childhood Remembered (0'46")
12. Christmas Eve Montage (1'15")
13. Sore Spots (1'47")
14. A New Man (1'03")
15. Beautiful Day (0'26")
16. Weepy Donuts (0'39")
17. Annie Yearns (0'46")
18. Jack's Lament (1'10")
19. Face To Face (0'37")
20. Everybody Goes (0'36")
21. Change of Life/Luncheonette (1'41")
22. A New Day (0:47)
23. Promise (5'04")
24. Farewell (4'54")
25. Bye Kate/Hard Times (1'07")
26. Final Confrontation (2'33")
27. Grand Finale/End Titles (5'13")

These tracks represented tracks 2-28 of the original promo disc (as Seal's song was track 1). The only other bit I can offer you is a small scan of the original promo:


If you actually want the released version of the soundtrack, I'd be happy to get that in for you....but I sincerely doubt that's what you really want :)

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Postby camille319 » Wed Jul 05, 2006 12:04 pm

Thanks for the search/work!
I knew it was a rare find... maybe someday I can find one on the cheap!
I am updating my list of Elfman scores and will post the holes/needs here...
Thanks again!
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