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Postby Fullasoul » Fri May 05, 2006 11:09 am


Before we get started, I thought it would be wise to start a FAQ to answer questions that are likely to arise regarding the Music Community. I will occasionally add to this as other questions become "frequently asked" :)

Q. What are "trackographies" and "version checks"?

- These are extremely useful posts designed for the collectors among us! Many of us care for a particular artist's music enough that we'll try to collect every single version of every single song they've ever released...but sometimes it can be quite challenging to even know what all is out there. The Trackographies are comprehensive listings of every version of every song known to have been released by that particular artist, based on information provided (and then checked) by both, as well as the users of the community. While they're being compiled and checked, they'll reside in the "Incomplete" section....once they've been confirmed and are believed to be complete, they will be moved to the "Complete" section.

At other times, someone may just be interested in knowing about all the versions of one particular song....either for use in a trackography, or simply because they just love that song! In this case, they post a Version Check in hopes that others will share what they know and all known versions of the song can be accounted for.

Q. I've already registered for an account at the store, so why must I register again to have a posting account here in the Music Community?

- Simple....for your protection. True that the store and the Music Community are one complete entity, and true that it would be very convenient to have ONE login for both areas...but it wouldn't be entirely safe. Your login links directly to personal information that is necessary to process your purchases...whereas the information obtainable with your Music Community login is, for the most part, only what you've chosen it to be. In fact, it's due to this "sensitive" nature of your account information that ALL account and payment information that is transmitted in the store area is encrypted via a 128-bit SSL certificate. That's that little "lock" icon you'll see on your browser when transmitting such info...and if you don't see it when transmitting sensitive information such as credit card numbers and so forth at other online stores, you're strongly urged NOT to proceed.
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