George Clinton Looking For Mysterious Guitar Player

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George Clinton Looking For Mysterious Guitar Player

Postby Fullasoul » Fri May 15, 2009 9:21 am

Funkadelic - Get Off Your Ass And Jam

You can't pretend to know anything about the funk and not remember THIS joint....but would you believe that George Clinton himself can't remember who played guitar on this track?

As George tells it, a session player he wasn't already familiar with came and jammed on the playback. It was agreed beforehand that if George liked what he heard, he'd give the player $25 to keep the track, but if not then no money would be exchanged. George obviously liked what he heard, as he handed the man $100. Unfortunately, the player left right after, and now all these years later, George still doesn't know who to credit for the track!

The Godfather Of Funk would very much like to give credit where it's due. George remembers several details, like the location and name of the studio, as well as what the man looked like at the time. If anyone has any information on who this mysterious session player is, please come forth!
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