Fullasoul Spins: Five Must-Have Holiday Recordings for 2011

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Fullasoul Spins: Five Must-Have Holiday Recordings for 2011

Postby Fullasoul » Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:22 pm

Each year it seems as though more and more artists are releasing holiday recordings for our listening pleasure. Trouble is, it's not all of these recordings that truly constitute the use of the word "pleasure".

Lucky for you, we've got you covered! A LOT of holiday music was submitted to Fullasoul Radio for airplay during our inaugural holiday season on the air...and while there's many more we've enjoyed enough to spin on the station, here's five Christmas recordings for 2011 that we feel no R&B or soul music fan should miss:

Jean Baylor - Celebrate

Jean Baylor brings in the season with a fun, uplifting jam that's quite reminiscent of something you'd dance to in a club 15 years ago (if you've heard what they play in clubs now, you know that's a GOOD thing!). While Celebrate may be a bit nostalgic musically, it's quite unique and refreshing from a lyrical standpoint. Jean forgoes the usual Santa-isms for a 3-minute celebration of life, love and thankfulness. A worthy addition to any holiday music collection.

The Revelations feat. Tre Williams - Merry Christmas Baby

Tre Williams takes soul music back to a place it once was. This season, however, he and his band The Revelations have taken Merry Christmas Baby someplace that I assure you it's NEVER been! Forget the slow and seductive renditions you know...this one's got groove, grit and a guitar that's as fuzzy as the trim on Santa's suit. Check it out!

Kelly Clarkson - I'll Be Home For Christmas

Not much of what Kelly does these days could really be considered soul or R&B (and if I wanted to wander off-topic, I could start a debate here about how little R&B sounds like R&B anymore...but we'll leave that alone for now). With that said, I DEFY you to listen to this recording and tell me this girl doesn't have soul running through her veins. Clarkson still has crazy mad vocal skills, and here she delivers a very classy and controlled performance of a holiday classic.

Toddiefunk - Santa'Scomin'Baka'Round!

For those of you who think you're too cool for holiday music or that somehow you wouldn't be true to the funk if you played a Christmas joint, I got some STANK for your stocking right here! Toddiefunk teamed up with my man Derek 'DOA' Allen on this Sly Stone-esque cut...and if you REALLY wanna know what happens when you put TWO funk bass extraordinaires in one room, you can NOT sleep on this one!

Noel Gourdin - The First Noel

Rarely do today's artists respect classic Christmas songs. They either ruin them by trying too hard to modernize them, or they simply recreate the original as best as possible to avoid embarrassing themselves. Noel did something really special here...he managed to make The First Noel sound contemporary without using modern trends or gimmicks. A few jazzy turnarounds, a classy horn arrangement and Noel's SOULFUL delivery make this rendition both radio-ready AND legit...something very few artists can pull off. Kudos, Noel!

To hear these and ALL of your soul and R&B holiday favorites, join us on Fullasoul Radio this holiday season!
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