Fullasoul Radio Taken Over by Rogue DJ!

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Fullasoul Radio Taken Over by Rogue DJ!

Postby Fullasoul » Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:19 pm


Earlier this morning, Studio Fullasoul was breached by a mysterious rogue DJ calling himself DJ Santasoul.

Shortly after taking control of the studio and staff, his henchmen, dressed in elf costumes, wheeled in carts and carts of Christmas records.

One was heard proclaiming on the way into the building, "There's 40 years worth of the best soul and R&B Christmas music in these crates...and DJ Santasoul intends to share it with funky boys and girls all over the universe!"

Shortly thereafter, staffers managed to relay a brief message to the media, stating, "We have indeed lost control of the radio room at Studio Fullasoul. We have begun formulating a plan to take the room back, but because of the high security that was implemented in the original design of the building, it could take days if not weeks to regain control of Fullasoul Radio."

We will update you as more details emerge...
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