Build the complete Full Force trackography & win!

These trackographies are works-in-progress...feel free to share your knowledge so that they man soon be complete.

Build the complete Full Force trackography & win!

Postby Fullasoul » Thu Oct 14, 2010 11:53 am


As we mentioned at the beginning of the month, we will be running TWO different contests on our first ever artist of the month, Full Force. With the first one off to a strong start for those of you who are willing to share your Full Force thoughts and memories, we now present you with a contest more suited to the many 'quiet' collectors that frequent

We want to build the complete, definitive, end-all-be-all 'trackography' on Full Force. EVERY mix of EVERY track the group ever wrote, produced or performed. ALL of it! We're hoping some of you collector-types will be willing to help us achieve this goal, and the person who submits the most tracks is going to score a copy of the newly-released Funky Town Grooves CD remaster of either of the first two Full Force albums....SIGNED by the band!

Like the first contest, this contest will run the entire rest of the start doing your research, go through those old vinyls, Google away and let's 'get busy 1 time'!
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Re: Build the complete Full Force trackography & win!

Postby Fullasoul » Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:02 pm

So, here's what we have to far. Some of you will notice some glaringly obvious omissions, but that's the whole point of the contest!

When submitting tracks, be mindful of the format we're already using. Noting the track length and where it can most easily be obtained helps to validate the track's (or version's) existence. As with the first contest, there's a very good chance that EVERYONE who participates gets a little something for their effort...but the autographed CD is for the person who submits the highest number of valid tracks for inclusion in the trackography.

OK, guys...GET BUSY!
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Re: Build the complete Full Force trackography & win!

Postby Mzbosslady Yankaway » Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:03 pm

All of Full Forces albums Full Force, CBS, 1985.
Get Busy 1 Time, CBS, 1986.
Guess Who’s Coming to…, CBS, 1987.
Love Is for Suckers, CBS, 1987.
Ain’t My Type of Hype, CBS, 1989.
Friends B4 Lovers, CBS, 1989.
Kiss Those Lips, CBS, 1989.
Smoove, CBS, 1989.
Don’t Sleep, Capitol, 1992.
Quickie, Capitol, 1992.
Can I Get Your Number?, Forceful, 1994.
Back Together Again, Homegrown, 1995.
Sugar on Top, Forceful, 1995.
Still Standing, Forceful, 2001.
Full Force by Full Force release date 1985
Alice, I Want You Just for Me!
Unselfish Lover
Please stay
Girl If You Take Home
Dream Believer
Half a Chance
Man Upstairs
Let's Dance Against the Wall

Full Force Get Busy 1 time release date 1986

Child's Play, Pt. 1
Child's Play, Pt. 2
Love Scene
Body Heavenly
Chain Me to the Night
So Much
Old Flames Never Die
Never Had Another Lover
Temporary Love Thing

Guess Who's Comin' To The Crib? by Full Force release date 1987
Take Care Of Homework
Love Is For Suckers (Like Me And You)
All In My Mind
3 O'Clock...School's Out!
Child's Play (Part 3)
Full Force Git Money
Your Love Is So Def
Katty Women
Low Blow Brenda

Smooth release date 1989
Ain't My Type of Hype
Kiss Those Lips1990
Don't Sleep Jan 1992
Interlude (900-Force Line)
God Will Fix I
My Love Is Free - (bonus track)
Making Love On The Dance Floor
Interlude (The Byrd Factor
Go With The Flo
Interlude (2 Points
Wait Till I Get Home
Physical Commitment
Your Place Or Mine
Interlude (Quiet Storm
It Cool Witcha Baby
Quickie came in a vinyl and a cassette
Nice 'N' Sleazy came in vinyl and cassette
Don't Sleep
Introlude (Hudlin Brother's No Snooze Intro

[b]Back Together Again by Full Force 1995

Moonlight Lullabies by Full Force 2001
Dream a Beautiful Dream
Sleep Baby Sleep
Good Night Girl by Full Force 1993
Moment I Saw You
Welcome to the World
Bid You Goodnight
Moonlit Castles
All the World Is Sleeping
Bedtime for Toys
Baby of Mine
Hush-A-Bye [Instrumental]
Sleep Baby Sleep (instrumental)

Float On With Us 2001
Float On With Us (The Classic Ballad Mix
The Girls That Live In The Club Mix (No Flex Intro)
The Girls That Live In The Club Mix
Best of Dixieland Jazz 2001 Jazz After Hours
Maple Leaf Rag
Jig Walk
Tia Juana
Riverside Blues
Twelfth Street Rag
Dirty Dog
Fidgety Feet
Muskrat Ramble
West End Blues
Georgia Grind
Chant in the Night
Memphis Blues
Tiger Rag
Swamp Mist
Riverboat Shuffle
Ory's Creole Trombone
Hot House Rag
I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music
Jug Blues
Last Time I Saw Chicago
Tailspin Blues
Black Bottom Stomp
Drummin' Man
Original Dixieland One Step
Stringin' the Blues
B.H. Boogie

Still Standing (Explicit)
Thanks For My Child (The New Birth) - Re-Performed By Cheryl Pepsii Riley
Static - Performed By James Brown (The Godfather Of Soul)
All I Have To Give - Performed By The Backstreet Boys
I Wonder If I Take You Home - Performed By Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam With Full Force
Roxanne Roxanne - Performed By U.T.F.O
They Don't Know About Full Force (Another Interlude) - Funkmaster Flex
Unselfish Lover
Ain't My Type Of Hype
Temporary Love Thing
Alice I Want You Just For Me
Reminisce (The Interlude) - Jimmy Jam And Terry Lewis
Born To Love Only You
The Good, The Bad, The Thugly (Full Force Ain't Nothin' To F**k With) - Full Force Featuring Raekwon, Scarface, And Bam Bue (With Allure And D.J. Ace
Kiss It Where It Hurts
No Other Love Will Do - Full Force Featuring The Product G And B With Sole
Float On With Us (The Classic Ballad Extended Mix) - Full Force Featuring Gerald Levert, Ginuwine, Montell Jordan, And Kevon Edmonds

I Just Wanna Be With U (Remix) - Full Force Featuring 'N Sync And Da Brat
Float On With Us (The Girls That Live In The Club Extended Mix) - Full Force Featuring Silkk The Shocker, Method Man, Funkmaster Flex, Allure And Intorducing Bam-Bue
Spittin' Fire! (The Intro-Lude) - Star And Buc Wild

Ahead of Their Time!: Full Force's Greatest Hits

Man Upstairs
Please Stay
Your Love Is So Def [Full Force's Ahead of Their Time Remix]
Kiss Those Lips
Love Scene
Al l in my mind
Unselfish Lover (It's Okay, It's Okay) [Extended Mix]
All Cried Out
Temporary Love Thing
Friends B-4 Lovers
Ain't My Type of Hype [1990 House Party "Off the Hinges" Mix]
Let's Dance Against the Wall [Version]
Alice I Want You Just for Me! [Extended Version

Joyous Christmas by Full Force
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
O Little Town of Bethlehem
Mistletoe and Wine
We Three Kings
Away in the Manger
Good King Wenceslas
Little Drummer Boy
Deck the Halls
When a Child Is Born
Stop the Cavalry
S Holly and The Ivy
Silent Night
Joy to the World
All Cried Out by Full Force
Man Upstairs
Body Heavenly
Half a Chance
Friends B-4 Lovers
Please Stay
All I Wanna Do... [Remix
All Cried Out
Ain't My Type of Hype
Kiss Those Lips
Alice, I Want You Just for Me!

Final Transmission (Remix) / Connection
Legendary by Full Force
I Asked for a Miracle (God Gave Me You
Water from Stone
Thanks for My Child [The Confrontation Mix]
Unselfish Lover
Friends B-4 Lovers
All Cried Out
We're Feeling You Oprah
Everyday Is Mother's Day
Medley: 4-U/Ooo Baby, Baby/La La Means I Love You/Love on a Two Way Street
Temporary Love Thing
Alice, I Want You Just for Me!\
Ain't My Type of Hype [House Party Mix]
Loustar featuring bud
Utfo "Roxanne
Leader of the Pack
Calling Her a Crab Roxanne Part 2.Bite It
Hanging Out
Beats and Rhymes
Lisa Lisa
Fairytale Lover
Roxanne, Roxanne
Real Roxanne, The
Lethal cd 1987
Master baby
Buring bed
So be it
Lets get it on
Ask yo mama
Ride the
Swat get down
Yo cold wanna be with me
Mo bass
Best of utfo 1985)1987
1.Soul Train's Don Cornelius' (Intro)
Ya cold wanna be with me
Hip hop props
Slipt personality
Leader of the pack
Hip hop props dj red
Bit it
Hip hop props Mc lyte
Roxanne Roxanne
Pick up the pace
Hip hop props tuffy
Wanna rock
Full Force produce
U T F O Skeezer Pleezer CD1986
1.Just Watch
Where Did You Go?
We Work Hard
Kangol & Doc
House Will Rock, The
Split Personality
Pick up the Pace
Bad Luck Barry
(Untitled) - (hidden track
U T F O Doin' It! CD
Cold Abrasive
2. Wanna Rock
3. Rough and Rugged
4. Battle of the Sexes
5. My Cut's Correct
6. Master of the Mix
7. Don't You Hat It When...
8. Bits and Pieces
9. All About Technic
10. Doin' It!
U T F O Bag It & Bone It Album
Something by U.T.F.O.

2. I'm a Dog
3. Blackman Can't Catch a Cab
4. Ego Is a Motherfucker
5. If You Don't Wanna Get Pregnant...
6. Hoein' for the Dough - (bonus track)
7. Beef Pattie - (bonus track)
8. Bone-In (Grab a Hoe)
9. I'm the Master
10. Life in the Projects
11. Peace
12. Something for the Head
13. I Got My Eyes on You - (bonus track)
14. It's an E and Ice Thang - (bonus track)
James Brown's album "I'm Real" Full Force produce
Im real
static pt 1 & 2
Time to get busy
you and me
she looks all type of good
keep keepin
cant get enuff
It's you money
Godfather running the joint
Cheryl Pepsii Riley Thanks for my child
The Backstreet Boys,
Rihanna,The Backstreet Boys, Ashanti, Justin Timberlake and N'Sync, Selena,Britney Spears,Fat Joe, Patti LaBelle, Samantha Fox, Bob Dylan, Gerald Levert, Nina Sky,B.B. King, Lil' Kim, Method Man, The Black Eyed Peas, Isaac Hayes, Kurtis Blow,Wanda Dee,3LW,Blaque,Ginuwine,Allure, Scarface,Raekwon,Brick and Lace
Nyanda and Nailah....Diamonds in Dirt
B-U-D Ramsay...a talented reggae-r&b vocalist. And "Katie Neil" Full Force's new 18 yr old female singer
Patti LabelleI Got It Like That," on the album "Be Yourself."
Ashanti, I found it in you
nia sky move that body
Black eye peas don’t funk with the heart
britnery spears love the hurt away
Selena Missing my baby
Lisa Lisa included "Head to Toe," "Lost in Emotion," and "All Cried Out.
Full Force provide backing vocals on two Bob Dylan songs recorded during sessions for Infidels: "Death Is Not the End" (released on Down in the Groove (1988) and "Tell Me" (released on The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 (Rare & Unreleased)

Full Force's biggest hit (production-wise) from the 1990s was the Backstreet Boys' hit single "All I Have to Give." Full Force worked with Prince's ex-wife Mayte on her album Child of the Sun. However the songs were all produced by Prince, so they remained unreleased. Full Force was then featured on Lil' Kim's La Bella Mafia album of 2002 on her song "Can't Fuck with Queen Bee."
the group has a song dedicated to Oprah Winfrey titled "We're Feeling You, Oprah.
The Force MDs Step to Me, was released in 1990, and its featuring production was by Full Force,
produced most of the singles from La Toya Jackson's fifth studio album La Toya, including "You're Gonna Get Rocked!" "You Blew," and "Such a Wicked Love,

remake version of Lisa Lisa and Cult Jams’ ft Full Force “All Cried Out”
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Re: Build the complete Full Force trackography & win!

Postby Fullasoul » Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:49 am

Since the contest ended Oct. 31, I'm going to go ahead and move this thread to the Incomplete Trackography section. As time allows, I will continue to add to what we have until it's complete. In the meantime, PLEASE feel free to submit additions and help us build the definitive Full Force trackography!
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